Welcome to TN Valley / N Georgia CSTA

The Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) is a membership organization that supports and promotes the teaching of computer science and other computing disciplines. CSTA provides opportunities for K-12 teachers and students to better understand the computing disciplines and to more successfully prepare themselves to teach and learn. 
The TN Valley/N Georgia area chapter of the CSTA represents Computer Science and Computing teachers in the tri-state area of southern Tennessee, northeast Georgia, and northwest Alabama drawing from K-12 schools and colleges in over 10 different school districts from our area. This chapter is developing relationships with the Dalton State, University of Tennessee, and Georgia Northwestern Computer Science departments, which will serve to provide many opportunities for teachers, school districts, and students alike to engage in and grow with the computer science discipline and associated fields. The mission of this chapter is to further the objectives of the CSTA and to form a strategic collaboration among educators of computing disciplines in the region. 

Who Should Join as a CSTA Individual Member?

CSTA Individual Members include: all K-12 teachers but particularly those teaching computing, STEM/STEAM, robotics coaches, college/university computer science faculty and education faculty, members from industry interested in supporting computer science education, and administration leaders desiring to promote and support computer science.