May 12-21, 2022 
TN Valley CSTA is again hosting a Scratch Hackathon that will be publicized through the Remake Learning Days of Chattanooga. 
Here is an opportunity for your students to showcase their Scratch skills to an esteemed panel of judges a chance to win money. First prize for each age group is $50. 

The Challenge

Create a Scratch project (game, animation, story, art, tutorial, etc) based on this statement: "To make the world a better place, I dream of . . ."

Your project could address a multitude of topics. Some suggestions might be:

*Environment                                              *Gender Inequity

*Racism                                                      *Poverty

*Immigration                                               *Human Rights

*Clean Water                                               *Fictional ?? (free pizza for life)


  1. All registered participants need to submit a COMPLETE Scratch project and a 2-3 minute video describing the project, its code, and how to play, by May 20, 2022 - 12:00 pm (noon Eastern Standard Time). Projects that do not include a video with the Scratch project will be disqualified. 

  2. The project can be a combination of games and animation and must showcase the creator's creativity, programming skills, and imagination. 

  3. The project must be 'shared' and public on the Scratch platform for evaluation. 

  4. The project must be in line with the theme of "Dreaming of a Better World"

Follow the link below to the website where your students can register. (This is built in Google Sites and some schools may block the site for student Google Accounts. All should be able to view from personal accounts. - Please contact (Evonne Hackett if you have trouble getting students registered.)

TN Valley SCRATCH Hackathon / Remake Learning Days